POP&RETAIL all services in one place.


First, we come up with ideas and the final vision for your merchandising display by answering a few fundamental questions:
- How do we represent your brand within the specific marketing environment?- How do we differentiate your brand from competing brands?
- How do we most effectively reach the target audience and capture their attention?
- How do we provide for enough interactivity to positively influence the purchasing decision?


The tactile feeling of your display, for example, is of paramount importance once the customer starts interacting with the display. This is where our manufacturing experts come in. They know which materials to use in order to elicit a certain sensation to the touch, and they know which materials are the most economic options available to provide this effect.


Once the design is finished and your POS displays have been manufactured in great numbers, there is another point at which you can benefit from GSG_RETAIL all-in-one concept: We take on all the responsibilities associated with actually getting your POS displays to your stores and installing them. We can provide all services which you might need in this regards:
- Storing your retail furniture for later use
- Shipping the displays to Europe stores
- Installing the displays in your shops
- Training your staff in how to use the retail furniture