Where the place

The client wanted to have a corner shop in the hotel hall where to sell local products. The space to cover couldn´t be so big, so we decided to turn the main column into a little shop. The main challenge was all surfaces we worked with (glass, wood, metal) had to be rounded to embrace the column. We also included a little fridge for those local products need to be fresh. Below the shelves we placed led´s strip to highlight them.


It was the first time we worked in this kind of element. Never done before and we had take into account several requirements to homologate the bicycle. Suitable for driving in open traffic. Cargo Bike made of wood and metal sheet. 


Tired of the standard and boring supermarket shelves, the client came to us to change its aesthetics. The result was create a furniture which remind us a craft brewery. We made them using natural wood, metal simulating rusty surface and mesh. The product to display is highlighted by leds illumination strips on both sides.a